Gearing up for utilization!

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Gearing up for utilization! Empty Gearing up for utilization!

Post by Lady Aiko on Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:45 pm

I have added Lord Nozomi to the Administration here at Samui HQ to help get things back on track. I'm hopping people will make a good use of the forum to better organize Samui's infrastructure. You are all welcomed to invite members of Samui, but to gain member you I will be making a Topic for Newcomers to post in so that the Administration and moderators can check you out. To gain trusted you need to be an active member within Samui and be here for a decent length of time. In time I we will try to get the clans in check. Leaders of the respective clans will have a council position offered to them assuming they are trusted and maintain leadership. If you have any question feel free to post here, I will answer what I can.
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